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WinAlarm Home Page

If you want to see WinAlarm in your language go to directory
where WinAlarm was installed, open the directory "Languages",
there are files *.lng. Choose your language file, rename the
extension from *.lng to *.txt and open it with Notepad. Only a few
lines need to be translated, you may easily find it by searching
(Ctrl+F) for "= ***" strings (without quotes). When you are
finished translating just rename the file extension back to *.lng
and restart WinAlarm. Check to ensure that everything is ok.
Some strings in *.lng file are invisible, because they are for a
future version.

I found a mistake in some *.lng files (from the previous version):

; Are you sure you want to delete marked alarm?
; Are you sure you want to delete marked alarms?

Look, they are not the same. The first message is shown when
ONE message is selected and the second message is shown when
MORE THAN ONE message is selected.
Check that the strings are correct please. When you translate the
*.lng file send me this file as an attachment or in a zip/rar file

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